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Boarding farms in Dallas TX

I’m moving to Dallas/Forth Worth TX area for college in august. I’m taking my very nice 6 year old young jumper with me. Just trying to see what boarding farms are in the area with good care and nice jumps. Upper level jumper trainers with FEI experience would be preferred if not I can make do without a trainer for a little while. Just trying to see what’s out there.

10/10 recommend Woodhill Farms in Argyle! Matt & Audrey and their entire team are incredible, they have a great home person, and go a plethora of shows around the state and out of state. Matt has shown and produced multiple horses & students to the FEI. They are great with young horses as well!

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where? The DFW “area” is nearly Twice the area of the state of Connecticut

Another vote for Woodhill. Top notch care and even better people. I can’t recommend them enough.

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I’d be willing to drive within roughly an hour of downtown Fort Worth

multiple places in the Flower Mound and general area of Denton County, others in the Weatherford general area

Just a caution accommodating a horse into a Texas summer may be problematic. Usual temps at the end of August/September can easily be 100F plus with nighttime temps not falling below 80F.

This area has experience a lot of rain this year making misquotes a increased problem with West Nile, we have had horses contract West Bile even having been vaccinated on an annual bases, we have had to go to vaccinate for West Nile every six months, Check with your vet before bring in your horse