Boarding farms in PA near Blue Bell, Lansdale, Plymouth Meeting, Perkasie?

Hey all,

I don’t know if this is the right section for this…which maybe means it is?

We are very happily boarding at a lovely facility right now, but the property is rented and may undergo a usage change in the upcoming months, so, I would just rather be prepared than have to scramble at the last minute to put my horse somewhere.

I know there are many small, lovely farms tucked away in this area, but I don’t know how to find them easily, and word of mouth/firsthand experience always trumps the google results.

I’m willing to go a little further in any direction, geographically, but basically something within 30 miles of Philadelphia is my goal.

I have a 16 yo, mellow gelding who gets along with everyone (though a little too interested in mares if turned out with them, so no mixed herds, probably). He came from a situation where he did the traditional stall/turnout mix of about 8 hours of turnout per day, and for the past 2+ years has been living out 24/7, though still requires 2x feeding, supplements, and supplemental hay when the grass is insufficient.

Living out has suited him super well, so we would be looking either for carefully managed field board, or a traditional stall with lots of turnout. He is perfectly happy to go back in a stall when the weather is bad, but is very smart about using his shed.

In either case, we would be looking for full care. I work a regular 9-5 in the city, so self-care is not an option.

Would be looking for a place with an actual ring, bonus if it has an indoor, super bonus if there are trails or grass spaces on the property to ride. No city stables.


I have been to EZ-Go Stables in Lansdale for a clinic. The set-up is very cute and the horses all looked well cared for. She has a lot of shows and clinics at the farm. Even if she is full she may be able to make suggestions for other local places.

Legacy Farm in Telford.