Boarding in Chester County PA

I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right area but I’m trying to find affordable boarding in The Chester County Area (specifically in Malvern/Downingtown/Phoenixville/West Chester or possibly Glenmoore area). I just ride for pleasure and am not looking for a fancy show barn. I would be very happy with a small family owned farm. Many larger barns that I have looked into are $500 a more for field board. My budget would be about at most $350 a month. I have a horse that currently lives out year round. Thanks!

Try the FB group for Chester Co. Riders and there’s also a boarding page there Horse Boarding in PA, Eastern PA Horse Owners, PA Equine Boarding/Training.

You might want to check Thornbury Farm (Penny Parker), she seems to have room but geldings only.

I would invite you but I’m currently full with a waiting list!

Thank you so much for your response! I will check out these groups!:slight_smile:

We’re in the Unionville area. Not a show barn and just thinking about opening our farm up to outside horses, adults only. Over 100 acres, lots of turn out, good grass, 100X200 ring, lots of "outside jumps and woods with jumps etc.

I tried field boarding for some friends too much work for little money. Yes, horses can and do live out 24/7. But we get some pretty nasty weather from time to time in the winter and a run is not good enough. Still have to stall them from time to time. Blankets on blankets off etc. Extra hay etc.

If we do decide to offer boarding it would be stall board only, full care starting at around $700.That barely covers “fixed expenses” around here. If we had an indoor we could easily charge $950+.

A good place to check is the Horse of the Delaware Valley classified. Pretty sure their website has a classified section also. Comes out monthly and IMO worth subscribing to. There seems to be a fair amount listings for field board and or inexpensive hobby boarding farms. It is an expensive area to own property and try and make a horse boarding business work. You get what you pay for.

I don’t know exactly what is offered in the areas you are looking in but I do know it is an expensive area. I know of some nice places but I doubt they take in horses for $350 a month.

FYI this thread is 2 years old.