Boarding in Columbia, SC Area

Hello, I started school at the University of South Carolina in the fall and am looking for a place to board my horse near the Columbia area. I have researched a few places but I haven’t seen any reviews so hopefully I can get some help finding the best farm for us. We aren’t hunter/jumper but eventers, which doesn’t seem to be normal around here. :slight_smile:
Ideally, I just want a nice comfortable place with a nice atmosphere where I can take lessons and escape the stress of school when need be. Thanks for the help!

If you can make the trek to Landrum/Tryon area (about an hour drive I think), I recommend Lincoln Russell at Lone Oak Farm. Just realized you are an eventer, they’re Hunter/jumpers… they might know an eventer nearby as well since FENCE is hacking distance and they have a small XC field.

I’m still waiting to hear back from a school, but I’m about 85% sure I’ll be going to USC this fall too!

I’m from NJ, so I don’t know the area but my trainer lived right outside Columbia for seven years so she knows a lot of horse people down there, including both USC coaches (of the D1 and IHSA teams). The IHSA team rides at Three Fox Farm and from what I’ve heard from my trainer it’s a nice place. They have a website, I’m sure it would come right up on google.

You should message me! I’m super excited for the possibility of going to USC in the fall.

I know a place!

Hey y’all! I’m a current freshman at USC and a training level eventer from MD! I’m boarding at an awesome barn about 30 minutes from campus called The Farm at One Under Lane! There are riders of all types there and the environment is awesome! Super sweet people and horses. Very reasonably priced and you can bring in your own trainers if you want. One jumper trainer teachers there often as well. I would really recommend checking it out! The horses are taken care of so well and the owners are super accommodating. Their website is
I would love some more USC girls at the farm!

Hi! I own a small (60 acre) boarding facility outside Columbia. Halfway between Camden and Columbia. The Farm at One Under Lane. Wonderful atmosphere, large grassy fields, huge jump field, trails, great escape!
I also went to Carolina and rode on the Eq team- and was lucky enoigh to come here To board in school, then lucky enough to purchase after school.
Not single discipline focused, we have eventers/hunters/jumpers- several college students here now.

Hi, My daughter is a freshman there and boards at The Farm at One Under in Lugoff- about a 25 minute drive from USC (go east on I-20). She does jumpers, but she met a friend there who is an eventer and also a freshman. Mix of hunter/jumpers, eventers, dressage. Some show, some don’t. Variety of ages in the riders. Jump field, plenty of pasture, trails. One of the vets from SC Equine comes there for lessons and is wonderful. Farrier lives down the road and has been great too. Owned by two couples who live on property and have been 2nd Moms when needed (like the flood week this past fall)! One of the owners used to ride hunters at USC in the past.
My daughter has shown at Tryon since starting school there; it is more like a 2 hr drive from Columbia. Lugoff is one town over from Camden. I am familiar with HJ barns in the Camden area, but have not looked into eventing barns. Aiken is big on eventing and everything horse, but is about 1 hr from the school. Not sure if this helps, but I hope it might.

I grew up in Columbia, and just a friendly FYI- Landrum/Tryon is at least 1.5 hours from Columbia.

Yes I would think that the commute from USC to Landrum while in school wouldn’t be a doable thing.

Creekside Farm is in Columbia and has a good trainer. It is more traditional h/j type of place. Probably the most convenient to USC. I believe Three Fox is over in Blythewood, but I would go check them out too.

The Farm at One Under Lane is in Lugoff but I would recommend if you are looking for low key and relaxing. Good pasture, great jump field and the people there are super nice!

Go visit them all and see which one suits you.

My B, thought it was closer :slight_smile: