Boarding in DC/NoVA/MD Area

I was lucky enough to find amazing boarding while I lived in Chicago for my now 14 yo TB gelding. Now I’m in DC and looking for something similar to what I found near Chicago.

Our needs are simple: hay, feed, turn-out, clean stall, holding for farrier/vet, place to ride, willing to feed beet pulp I supply. Due to my horse’s past injury, I’m not looking for a trainer or high-end boarding facility, just a place to enjoy my horse. Near trails would be a plus. If someone could make some recommendations, I would really appreciate it!


Clairvaux in Leesburg, VA is great. While it is a training facility, they also have folks who like to trail ride, etc. On the higher end cost-wise, but care is excellent, they have a really nice indoor, and in general, a really nice group of people. No drama, no crazy. Lesson horses if you should decide you want lessons at some point.

It all depends on where exactly you live and work. Traffic is very bad and will get worse in September.

I live and work in D.C. I’m not too worried about traffic. I’m more invested in finding a place to keep my horse within my budget. Right now, he’s 13+ hours away, so really anything is an improvement! :slight_smile:

Thanks Gainer! I will definitely look into it!

Yes, Terry is a great gal. She used to ride one of my horses. She and her husband came over to my place when they were planning their farm and indoor building. I’m pleased to hear she’s doing so well with her farm and has avoided the drama, crazy pitfalls. :lol:

Clairvaux is definitely not cheap and used to have next to not enough turnout for 30 horses. It is primarily a show facility. What is your price range?

Calamber: Up to $500. I know that won’t get me very close to the city, and that’s okay! I’m open to almost anywhere right now. Again, I’m not looking for tons of amenities.

There are plenty of good places around there for that, contact Kim Clark, she will help you. She is in Upper Marlboro but has many, many contacts in and around the area. I am not so much suggesting her farm which is impressive but she started out small and is very much in tune with all aspects of the horse world in this area, and the plus is that she (as you will see) is passionate about the off the track thoroughbreds. She has helped rehab and place probably more than a hundred horses by now.

Also, check out The Equiery, a monthly magazine from Maryland, classifieds available online, and The Virginia Equestrian, online only.

Edited to add that I see that Kim has helped to place 1000 horses since 2007. She runs a listing service for horses off and off the tracks so not all have been in her hands of course.

Calamber, thank you! I will definitely look into all of your recommendations!

I also sent you a pm with a personal recommendation, I did not know she had openings, she is small and takes excellent care, plus reasonable.

What are her rates…have no idea. But even if not showing, great care is the most important thing, no?

If you live/work in DC, especially NW DC, I’d look into a barn in Montgomery County, MD. Driving up 270, especially the reverse commute, isn’t as horrible as some of the other drives. I would avoid VA unless you’re okay driving for a looong time.

Her rates are high befitting a show barn, $700 + and I don’t think there is enough turnout for 30 horses there and that is part of great care for a horse that is recovered from an injury especially. Montgomery County boarding barns within driving distance of DC are as high as, if not higher than, Loudoun. There are some but I think they can be found via The Equiery.