Boarding in Fayetteville, NC area

My husband and I are most likely moving to Fayetteville, NC later this spring and I’m wanting to look into boarding options for my two mares in the area. They’re both Morgans, one is 12, the other is two, so having training/lessons available is a plus, but certainly not a must. Discipline isn’t a huge thing, although I show on the flat (Hunt Seat and Western). Trails would be a huge plus. Any suggestions/recommendations?

Apologies if I didn’t post this in the right place. I wasn’t sure where it belonged… Thank you!

Southern Pines is about 35-40 minutes west of Fayetteville, and it’s basically heaven :slight_smile: There are plenty of farms there and in surrounding areas, Carthage, Vass, Cameron, Aberdeen, and Raeford. The Carolina Horse Park is in Raeford, approx 25 minutes soutb of the back gate of Bragg and 20 minutes to Southern Pines…the Walthour Moss Foundation is in Southern Pines, 3000 acres for equestrian use only, plenty of beautiful trails, and free for public use…it’s a super area for horses and worth the short drive to work!!

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Welcome to Fayetteville! As already noted SP is a horse Heaven. It’s a good hour though to get to a barn there and when Fort Bragg lets out the traffic is very heavy. We have a v small farm and keep our horses here.

There is an excellent FB page Sandhills Equestrian you might post on for info on local barns closer to Fayetteville. Kris Hamilton of Heather Ridge Farm in Raeford is wonderful and may have some ideas for you. You may even end up at her place. She’s a great rider and lovely person. Also NCDCTA is a good resource as well. Good luck!

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Thank you both for the suggestions!!! I will definitely look into them! :slight_smile: