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Boarding in Middle Tennessee?

I am relocating my horse to just south of Nashville and would live to get some barn recommendations. I am looking in the Franklin/Brentwood/Thompson Station area - I would like to be under 30 miles of Green Hills.

Here is what I am looking for:

  • First, safe/excellent care
  • Flat pasture with horse fencing
  • Under $600 a month preferably
  • Allows outside trainers
  • Decent riding space with good footing/jumps
  • Lighted ring or indoor would be nice

I have looked at a few places I found online but they are either SCARY, without availability or WAY too expensive. I am having a hard time, as not many seem to advertise. Any help or guidance is appreciated!

Not sure you’re going to be able find what you want for under $600 a month. Average board rates at any decent facility around here are $650-$750, and goes up as you add amenities (covered ring with lights, etc). Hay can be very expensive and there’s a reasonable amount of demand in the area for boarding, so prices get driven up. Not many advertise because not many need to advertise to fill stalls.

Maybe call Matt Piccolo. I’m not sure whether he’d allow outside trainers, but I do know that he just recently opened is own place. And I don’t know about price or how far it is either. But I will say that Matt’s a good person.

Matt’s place would be over an hour to drive to from the Green Hills area, and board is still in the $550+ range, so I doubt it would work for the OP. A good thought though!

I know one person who boards at Grace Park Farm, and likes it very well. I don’t know the rates, or if they allow outside trainers. They have a page on Facebook, and a nice photo of their new sign, with phone number, etc.

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We are little over an hour from Nashville, but we have a beautiful facility. Thorturf footing, full set of jumps. 40 acre facility. Group or individual turnout. 60+ 12x12 stalls. Training available. www.oakgrovefarmandequestrian.com

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I too am in the same boat as you and not having much luck. Sort of a downer since I would have figured this would be a good area for eventing with the MTPC and Percy Warner. But it looks like hunter/jumpers rule the day.
If you find/found a place, please pass that information along.