Boarding in/near Midlothian Va & H/J Trainer

Wellll… we just put an offer on a house in Midlothian yesterday and my SO started his job down there today.

One of my next steps will be looking at boarding barns in the area and I need recommedations. My horses can stay at my parents (about an hour and half away) until everything settles and I’m ready for them to come down BUT a place for them is almost as important to me as our house! :o

I have 2 horses (easy mares) I’d like to board at an affordable barn. Could be a big or small operation so long as the atmosphere is friendly. Ride mostly H/J but an Eventing barn would suit as well. Trails or hills to ride on would be a plus!

I am even game for a small family owned barn that provides excellent care that may or may not have an arena/jumps, but has hills and a flat area to ride for conditioning, if the price is right.

Closer is better, but I think 30 minutes away would be fine


ETA: I do most of my training myself, but I’d also love recommendations for a trainer to take lessons with every so often! Either where I’d keep my horses or I could haul in

You have a lot of choices within 30 minutes of you. It really depends on price when it comes down to it. Most places are going to require you to be in their lesson program or pay a little more a month for not taking lessons. Do you have a price point? Do you want full board/field board? How important is turnout? I know of at least one place who won’t board mares. There are places that only turn out for a little bit during the day. You can find something as low as $450 and go all the way to $1250 in this area. Just depends on what is important to you.

Turnout is important to me. Both horses right now are stalled with turnout, but have solely been in the pasture as well. (I’d like a run-in though). So I’d like full board, but I’m not adverse to field board at the right place.
Price wise, I’d like to stay under $500 :o

I think the website is down, but have you tried yet?

I think Coventry Farm is close to Midlothian. Nice facility, nice owner, good turn out and in house show series that is well run.

Coventry is a pretty good hike from Midlothian. Campbell Springs and Levremont would be closer.

Coventry is near Ashland. Midlothian is on Rt. 60, south of the James. Chesterfield barns are closer.

Four Seasons Horse Center is in chesterfield and has a really nice facility with indoor, outdoor with lights, bridle path with jumps and hills around the whole property, lots of grass and enough fields to rotate. The horses stay in 12 hours and go out 12 hours. They don’t have an in house trainer but they do allow trainers to come in. Hunter lane Stables is right next door and they do not require you to be in their lesson program to board there. Hunter lane also has an indoor, and an outoor with lights. The horses there stay out most of the time unless the weather is bad. I think the board at Hunter Lane is about half of the Four seasons

Thanks all! I’ll start looking into all of these