Boarding in/Near New Castle County, DE

One of the most interesting (but sometimes frustrating) aspects of the horse industry is that some of the best facilities don’t advertise! So I am hoping to get some word of mouth recommendations for boarding - I’ve gotten some leads from Google and regional Facebook horse groups but want to explore other options.

I am looking for boarding local to New Castle County, DE (think Newark-Wilmington) - this could include barns in Fair Hill/Elkton, Landenberg, Oxford, and possibly southern Chadds Ford (would depend on exact location). I am seeking full care board, and would prefer not to spend more than $575 per month.

I need either an on-site trainer (definitely preferred!), or a facility that accepts outside trainers to give lessons to boarders. A facility that caters to hunter/jumpers or eventers would be lovely. I am not looking for programs where shows or full training are mandatory as I am a professional who works 8 to 5 (and sometimes longer) - though a barn that does show is certainly welcome. However, my current situation is largely very casual trail riders, I am often the only person who uses the ring on a regular basis, and the barn is often empty - this is not ideal for safety reasons. Indoor ring is a lovely bonus!

I think this is doable in this region - I’m originally from farther north in Chester County (think Ludwigs Corner) and am accustomed to a wider range of choice in boarding facilities. Most of what I’m finding is either too casual or too show-oriented. I have to believe there’s a happy medium somewhere - right?!?

This place is great and not far

Blue Goose looks lovely! I am going to inquire with Darcy right away. I couldn’t find much online about Bedlam Stables but it’s certainly worth an inquiry.

I think Second Nature was out of my price range for full board (my horse really does best if she can be in a stall, especially during the wintertime). Pebble Creek may be an option, however my roommate is also looking to move her horse so I am trying my best to see if we have an option to move the horses together.

Does anyone know if Laurie Jakubauskas still does boarding out of Vicmead Hunt Club? And if so, pricing? I’ve attempted to reach out to her on the contact form but the site looked out of date so I don’t know if that’s the best method to reach her. I’ve found people tend to respond more to email than phone inquiries but it might be time to pick up the phone.

I know nothing about these stables or their pricing.

This one has pricing within your parameters.

This one seems too cheap to be true.

From Horse of DE Valley

Cloverleaf Stables Sand arena.
Full care $410. Field board w/shelter $350. Miles of park trails. Huge fields.
Woodlawn Rd/Concord

Mall/Chadds Ford/ Wilm DE area. Horses for lease. 484-841-6230

Horse Boarding in So. Chester Cty. Stall board $450,
Field board $305. Indoor, Outdoor rings, trails, round pen. Friendly
environment. Call Judy 610-368-3822(eve) or Marvin 610-806-2230(day

I live in this area and I would think Lewisville may fit your needs the best. They have an indoor arena and access to Fair Hill. They also have a lesson program and do hunter jumper. A friend boarded there before she got her own place and she was very happy there. She is also a picky horse mom so you may like this place

[QUOTE=SonnysMom;8331328]I know nothing about these stables or their pricing.


Just a quick note that Appleton is up for sale and pretty, um, empty?? right now

Don’t do it Just sayin’

Out of curiosity, don’t do what?

I agree! Which is why I was very disappointed that they do not have any openings! I am on the wait list but I don’t know what a realistic timeframe for that is so I am exploring my other options.

I will take a look at Cloverleaf, Wellspring is a little bit more than I am comfortable paying but I may just have to slash the budget elsewhere if it ends up being the only option.

Horseshoe Hill does look too inexpensive to be true, but it would appear that they are full anyways.

Appleton is indeed for sale, and is only operating on partial care. I know someone there now. Looking for something more reliable for the long-term.

Finally, I did get a hold of Laurie Jakubauskas - apparently she is no longer in the area but gave me a recommendation for a Mary Morrell, who I am unable to find online despite my best Google-Fu! Anyone have the scoop? I’ve left her a message on her phone but don’t have much info otherwise.

You will probably find cloverleaf too casual. It is more of a backyard situation that caters to trail riders. Not saying there’s anything wrong with it just that I don’t think you will find it to your liking for what you are looking for.

You might want to stop at Dover/Maryland Saddlery and ask around there for private barns. Is Arundel Hills too far?


Horse Boarding in So. Chester Cty. Stall board $450,
Field board $305. Indoor, Outdoor rings, trails, round pen. Friendly
environment. Call Judy 610-368-3822(eve) or Marvin 610-806-2230(day[/QUOTE]

Blast from the past. I used to work for these folks about a gazillion years ago. Good people. Obviously I can’t speak for the current state of the farm, but it was a decent place when I was there. Great location in Landenberg, minutes from Newark, DE and Fair Hill. The barn was an old converted bank barn that was adapted for horses like so many old barns in the area, so the stalls were varying in size and shape. But there was an indoor, large outdoor, a trail or two I think, and a nice mix of adult riders.

It’s kind of crazy that their boarding rates are basically the same as they were over a decade ago.

Don’t go to Appleton Stables no matter what as long as Trish owns it

In that case then, totally agree