Boarding near Kirkland, WA

Okay, I need some help! Have done some searching but haven’t turned up much. I live in Kirkland and would really like to find a place to board close by that doesn’t totally break the bank. I also work in Issaquah so if I had to go a certain direction, that one would probably make the most sense! And it doesn’t HAVE to be an eventing barn, I just want quality care with decent facilities, healthy horses, and good people :slight_smile:

Things that are important to me:

  • Indoor
  • 7 x per week decent turnout–my guy currently lives out 24/7, don’t want to do strictly stall board
  • Access to trails
  • Trailer parking available

Any insight is appreciated! Thank you!

If access to trails is important, you’d want to find a place that borders Bridle Trails. Unfortunately, large turnouts will be hard to come by as the area gets more built up and the ones that do have nice rolling pastures will break the bank, especially if they have an indoor. What’s your budget? In that area, Issaquah or Kirkland, you’d be looking at more than $800 a month.

I haven’t seen the place in several years but look up Willowcrest stables in Redmond, WA. The indoor is tiny (they might have expanded by now) but they also have a well maintained outdoor, a couple of round pens and trail access right outside the back gate. Turnout was daily and in decent sized paddocks for the area. They offered both stalls and shed row type stalls with runs. Last time I was there it was a friendly, low key group.

Looks like the indoor is the same size. I know this location and the trails are along the Sammamish Slough but there is access along that to ride to Ferrell-McWhirter Park which has an outdoor arena. The slough had/has a horse trail alongside the paved walking/biking path but there are places where you have to share the trail and many bikers are not used to horses which can be hazardous. Looks like a nice enough place but I think the prices are a little rich for what they offer.

Willowcrest is full… as are pretty much all the places I’ve contacted. I have one, hopefully two good options I’m looking at that neighbor Bridle Trails and yes, I’ve come to terms with the fact that even $800 sounds inexpensive! :sweat_smile: my budget can accommodate it, just trying to keep things as reasonable as possible.

Is there anywhere else, even in neighboring towns, Redmond, Woodinville, Sammamish, maybe even Monroe or Snohomish, etc., that anyone knows of that has openings? Right now he’s in Duvall and trying to keep clear of the flooding nightmare that is Duvall/Carnation when the waters rise!

There is an eventing place out in the valley (Sammamish plateau area) called Honey Do Farms. The trainer is experienced and I don’t think they charge a ton.

Honey Do has moved to Carnation in the hinterlands. There’s Rosecrest in Monroe, some people like it, others don’t but I’ve never had any problems. Look into Tally Ho, an eventing barn located in Carnation, Meg Finn is the trainer/owner. Also Anna Stein, you can find her on facebook, she’s an awesome trainer and might have availability. Not sure if she’s still at Patterson Creek in Fall City. Full Gallop operating out of Maple Leaf has Mark and Erin Grandia - two upper level riders/trainers.

I’m just throwing these out there. I have no idea on availability but I know Rosecrest does.

I just saw that you want to avoid Carnation Duvall and here I am suggesting places in just those areas. Maple Leaf is up on the hill