Boarding options near Philadelphia

I’m looking for boarding options for two horses starting in January 2017. For one of them I am looking for more of a retirement situation, somewhere with really great care that I can trust if I only get out on the weekends. The other will be for a horse that I will be competing in eventing with. If I could get both horses in the same place, that would be great, but I know that may be very tricky. I’ll be living in downtown Philadelphia and would like the competition barn to be less than an hour drive, NJ or PA are fine. The retirement barn can be a bit farther. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Kate Hicks in Cochranville (?) for eventing. She’s next to Boyd and Silva, and they are friendly. i know Kate’s clients school over there (i think there’s a schooling fee).

Windy Ridge Farm in Bethel, PA does retirement. Horses are happy and well cared for. i’m guessing 1.5 hours from center city.