Boarding recommendations in MA

Talk me off a ledge here, kind people…

We just bought a house in North Andover, MA. Now I’m looking for barns that offer turnout and I’m not finding much cue panic attack. I’ve looked through some old posts but didn’t find much that was recent - looks like some good barns closed or were sold in the last few years.

Any recommendations for a place that offers good care and turns out for more than a few hours a day? Anything within a 30 min drive would be ideal (so pretty much anything from Westford/Littleton to the north shore) and ideally around the $2K mark?

The big bay pony and I thank you all in advance!!!

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I live in that area and the industry standard is 6-8hrs of turnout.

I’ve heard good things about Saddle Rowe (sp?). There is Barking Dog farm in Carlise, that is $1200 and I think you can get full (24/7 turnout).

There’s a plenty of barns in this area but their waitlist is long and IME you only get one of three things - full turnout, an indoor, or quality care.

I’m ok with a waitlist - he can chill at his current barn for a few months while we sort out the new house (to call it a fixer upper is putting it gently).

Looks like Saddle Rowe is over an hour away, but Carlisle is close! I’ll check them out, thank you!!!

Not sure about turnout time but I’ve heard really good things about Blue Meadow Farm in Sudbury.

When I lived out that way, I absolutely loved Course Brook Farm (although it is more geared towards eventing) but I think that would be a haul for you. Horses were out all day with grass option if your horse gets along with others.

Also, some nice farms in Concord (Arrowhead and Stoneymeade) but again not sure about length of turnout.

I would look at some of the barns on the North Shore, or Reading. I’ve heard good things about Barking Dog, but most of these barns have a waiting list. As beowulf says, it’s hard to find a place where you can get full turnout, a nice indoor and great care, and reasonable proximity in the same package. I recently moved my mare to a full care barn (because I broke my ankle) after many years at a private self-care barn and basically looking at 6 hours of turnout (and not on the 2 acres she was used to) but it has a gorgeous indoor, huge stalls, great care and is around $1K/month. Downside is the 40 minute drive.

Adding: You might find a winter stall at a nice barn given that many people go south. I think Barking Dog was advertising a stall that was available from Nov-April.

Try Acorn Hill in Pepperell. New ownership, lots of turnout and fabulous trainer. $1500 and stalls available.

Do you have any contact info for the Barking Dog? All I can find when I Google it is some suburban homestead blog…

I sent you a PM

I grew up riding on the North Shore. Look at Spring Tide farm in a Boxford; Kathy Borylo is a wonderful trainer and a fantastic horsewoman.

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From North Andover, you can easily get to the north shore - West Newbury, Groveland, Amesbury, etc. I’ve heard good things about Magnolia Show Stable and Madison Show Stable, Evenstride and a few others. Can’t speak to length of turnout, but I follow Madison and Magnolia and they are always posting photos of their horses out on grass.

In Chelmsford there is Midnight Moon - my neighbor boarded there til she moved down to the Cape, and can’t stop raving about it and how much she misses it. Turnout is my neighbor’s hill to die on, so they must offer a lot.

Moving down 495 in Westford is Cavallo where Trisha Moss has her program. Cory Hardy is (was?) at Newbury Farm in Littleton. Can’t speak to turnout, but should have top notch care.

Hope that is helpful!

Thank you! I have appointments set up to look at Midnight Moon and Newbury in a few weeks.

Isn’t Madison just jumpers?

You didn’t specify so I threw them in, think she has a couple hunters but yes, mostly jumpers.

Good luck, we are looking to move up that way from south shore/cape, just having an impossible time finding a house we like and can afford!

Thank you!

The housing market is NO JOKE. We’ve been casually looking for the last year, seriously looking since September. The good news is that prices seem to be a bit more reasonable- we got our house for the asking price and didn’t have to offer 20% more and waive all the inspections!

If Hudson, MA isn’t too far for you, I cannot recommend Maple Grove Farm highly enough - plenty of turn out options!

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She was on the initially list but I think the drive would be over an hour unfortunately!

Sent you a PM.

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