Boarding recommendations near Damascus, MD

I’m in search of a new barn and wanted to get some recommendations. I currently have my horse in Damascus, MD but the arena footing/turnout isn’t ideal. I’m looking for a barn with an indoor in the Damascus/Gaithersburg/Clarksburg area. I’m an eventer and would like a place that has jumps but great care is a much greater priority. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

Is Damascus near Waredaca?

Yes. I’ve always been a bit weary about Waredaca due to the large herds and number of horses but have you heard good things?

What about Moon Rising? It’s an event/dressage barn near Clarksburg (in Boyds). They have an indoor, good turn-out etc. A couple of friends board/ride there and really like it.

Is Dickerson too far? Destination Eventing has an indoor. I looked at some horses there, and they seem like a nice group of folks.

sunset farm with Kate Chadderton would be very close as well as Taylor Made. I think Waredaa depends on your horse. There used to be an option for horses in full training with Steph to go out in smaller groups, but not sure if this is still the case. I don’t know what the setup is a a bit better farm these days, but care and training would be great

I board at Southwind in Damascus. We’ve got a good mix of eventers, dressage, and hunter/jumper folks, including trainers who come in from all of those disciplines to teach. The indoor just got new footing this summer, and we’ve got two outdoors, all with jumps (though they only stay set in the bigger outdoor). Horses go out in groups of 6 or so. I’ll also second looking at A Bit Better, since I take lessons from Kelley and occasionally haul over there for them–it’s a very nice facility.

Taylormade is near Damascus and has an indoor and nice outdoor, and a few X-C jumps.
Scubed means Sunset Hill farm, which is in Woodbine (Howard Co.). There is also A Bit Better Farm near Waredaca. I’ve never been there.

A Bit Better is awesome but I believe full at the moment unless you want to put your horse in training. I know people who board at Waredaca and are happy with it and so depending on what you are looking for may be worth finding more about. The only reason I never seriously considered it the last time I was looking was because the barn hours were a little limiting because of the ridiculous hours I was working at that time (people with normal hours would not have a problem). The place that hosts (or used to) Redlands HT sounded good the last time I was looking.

If I were you I’d take a weekend day and go check out these various places mentioned on the thread (most of which I know and are nice in different ways). They are fairly different and what you will be happy with might be obvious when you go and see.

I board at Waredaca and love it – but I do field board, not stall board. The field board horses are out on 70 acres in a herd of 20 or less, which is tons of room for them. They do not tend to get into trouble as they have lots of space for their cliques and spats. It’s self care out there in terms of feeding and blanketing so this is best for easy keepers (we do help each other out but if your horse needs 3 blankets on and off and fed twice a day it would be hard).

Stall board is a different set up and you should check with that. If you are in training with Steph that is a much smaller barn with small group turnout, although she’s away until the end of Feb.

If you want to hack out, jump xc, and have plenty of space to school, it’s hard to beat.

I would say if you want more high touch care (lots of blanket changes, small group turnout) you wouldn’t be happy there though.