Boarding recommendations near Middleburg, VA

Long time lurker, but I’ve searched the archives and Virginia Equestrian and am still in need of suggestions because my requirements seem to be a bit more specific than past posters asking about barns in the DC area.

My current barn, which is also in the Middleburg, VA area, is excellent in many ways, but it is a large and chaotic facility that seems not to be a good fit for my horse’s temperament and current stage. My top priorities for a new barn for this horse are:

  • A smaller or possibly private barn (i.e. less than ~20-25 stalls).

  • Ample quality turnout – 24/7 with a run-in as an option would be ideal for better weather.

  • A pro on site for training rides and lessons that has experience with young/difficult horses. I can work with either a hunter or jumper focus, though experience with both would be best as I’m not sure what this horse will end up as. I would prefer the pro show somewhat minimally and not leave for the winter season, as I expect to need hands-on help for the near future and could work with my current trainer for show needs.

  • Great care and attention to detail, especially because of this horse’s past health history.

  • Price certainly is a factor, but I’m willing to spend what I have to for the right fit and best care.

  • Indoor would be great but not necessary or expected.

In short, a peaceful farm for a quirky and sometimes difficult horse that has options for help on the ground but does not necessarily have to go to shows. I’m hoping someone on here knows of a gem! Please feel free to PM. Thanks in advance!

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Sent you a PM about an option local to you!

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@undertheoaks Sent you a message.

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