Boarding SouthWest/NorthWest ATLANTA

Hi all - I’m searching for a barn on the West side of Atlanta to board with. Anywhere from Peachtree City around the west side of Atlanta up to Canton is our preferred area. I have a 7 yr old ottb gelding who I am beginning to compete BN on. I would like to find a barn with a trainer on site I normally take 1 lesson a week and have 1 training ride for him a week. He does need full board as he loves a stall. He is fine in large turnout however he is young and will play hard with young horses so either turnout in a herd with older horses or buddy turnout or individual turnout would be great. Never a cause for a vet bill it’s more I’m sick of him having small scabs from games of bitey face.

Also a barn where there are decent apartments within 10/15 minutes would be ideal. I like to come out during feeding and I’m happy to pitch in on chores just for the heck of it. I am out on average 5 days a week if not 7.

Super laid back adult so trying for a drama free adult atmosphere.