Boarding Stable shopping - Alpharetta/Milton/Roswell GA

I’m relatively new to Georgia and am looking for a new place for my horse. Preferably w/ some dressage riders but it doesn’t have to be an all-dressage barn. I have a trainer so the new place will need to be accommodating. Online searches are getting me nowhere (out of date websites, bad links, etc.) All I seem to find are H/J show barns, training barns, and outrageously priced facilities that are lovely but out of reach. Many seem to have no place to ride other than an arena. I do not want to offend the current BO so I’m keeping my search quiet, even from the trainer (tight with the BO) until I have a roster of names. Therefore, it’s hard to know who to talk to when I don’t know many people. Suggestions are hugely appreciated and specifics may be sent PM.

There are a ton of nice barns but be prepared to cough up some serious dinero. Applewood FArm is there and is lovely but staggeringly expensive. Try Stablemates or go to Atlanta Saddlery and they can point you in the right direction.

Applewood Farm website notes their boarding program is closed as of March 1, 2014

I currently board at a private farm in Milton for a song. The care is top quality, but might be a bit more on the homegrown side of things than you’re looking for. I recommend checking Craigslist - you might turn up a good private barn at a more reasonable price. I have actually had luck finding private barns throughout my boarding life in Milton/Alpharetta by driving around and stopping in, too. Gives you a “untouched” picture of the facility as well.

Someone from my part of the country! Here are a few:

Revelation Farm: (My trainer)

Wilson Farm:

Free Form Farm:

Fortitude Farm: (Is hunter jumper, but has a HUGE arena…and its covered)

That’s all that I know of…Hope I helped!!! Good Luck!!!

I also forgot to add this one:

Royal Crest Stables:

Also forgot to mention that I have personally met everyone that owns these barns. They are very professional, and take the utmost care of your horse.:yes:

By chance have you looked at the Equine Now listings? There are quite a few barns in their directory as well…