Boarding suggestions near McLean/Tyson's Corner?

I am looking at the possibility of moving from the Hampton Roads area to Northern Virginia. I would be working in Tyson’s Corner, and am looking to keep my horse as close to McLean as possible. I need a barn with stalls (at least 12X12), plenty of turnout, a ring, and excellent care. An indoor would be nice, but not necessary. Good turnout and really great care are paramount. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Hi! Welcome to the Northern Virginia area :slight_smile: I grew up riding in the area and live in McLean, so I know how tough it can be trying to find a barn in the area! How much are you looking to spend? There are a few really excellent barns in Great Falls, which is only 15-20 min away, but they can get pricey because they are so close. There are also several smaller farms in the Vienna area that would fit what you are looking for. You can always message me for further suggestions/help if you’d like. Welcome and good luck!

You’re not going to find that in McLean/Tysons area. I would definitely message VAlocalhunter if they have insight to some barns in Great Falls/Vienna area. Are you also planning to live in McLean/Tysons ? If so your other options are going to be in MD - Potomac has a few barns which might work, others were be a bit further out in Poolesville, Boyds/Barnsville. Will send you a message w/ some suggestions.