Boarding / Training barns west of Charlottesville Va

Thanks in advance. Moving from H/J land to fox hunting (with both or either local hunt clubs), hunter pace and low level eventing (think BN only) in c-ville in the future. Starting to look at land for small farm (retired horses only) and will board 1-2 (active horses) for training and community. Must be west, from Batesville - Crozet - Free Union - to Earlysville. Finding Whistlingridge farm (most south-west I can go), Toad Hollow, Barracks. What other trainers / barns am I missing within this geographic area?? TY!!

Chanda boylen at Millington. Gabbie dickerson at Chapel springs. Rrbecca barber at jubilee eventing. Bethany Wood at wakefield.

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Great suggestions already! Also Kiki Osborne, Emma Wade, Becky Guercio. Try posting on the Albemarle County Equestrians page on Facebook.

Just South of Charlottesville, Lynn Beegle-Gebhard at Brookhill Farm.