Bobby Flay. What does it cost to breed TBs at the top?

I occasionally watch beat Bobby Flay and get a kick out of it. Apparently it’s days are numbered. Interesting article. So Flay wanted 100 million to stay with the Food Network. I noticed that he sold a nice young horse through one of the sales recently for good money. It makes you wonder how much you have to have to play at that level.

Well, you know, he doesn’t spend all his money on horses. :upside_down_face:


He’s a pretty wealthy guy, has quite the successful breeding program and some good racehorses on the track.
Like most breeders that don’t stand stallions I doubt he counts on making money from racing or breeding. He buys expensive fillies and sells some of his horses at auction for good prices.

For all we know he could be making a profit but I would guess that it’s an expensive hobby for him, as it is for many breeders.