Bodexpress Retired with Undisclosed Career Ending Injury

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Whatever it was, must have happened after the wire as no mention in the race chart.

I know the connections don’t need to disclose any info regarding the specifics. I would assume (bad acronym, I know) that wherever he stands will want to know and I’m also personally suspicious of any ‘undisclosed’ injury.

I wonder if they are sure that he will recover? It seems odd to be so hesitant to say something more than “career ending” without specifying “fracture” or “tendon” or something if they are sure of the outcome. The fact that he is at an Ocala farm is good news, rather than him being at a veterinary hospital, perhaps?
Maybe it is just the owner’s way and they prefer not to be specific, however many breeders will require specifics before booking their mares, so it won’t remain a mystery forever.

Pet peeve here…I’ve always thought that much too much was made out of that acronym. Though it is true in some circumstances, some people love to hear themselves say it without thinking it through.

I had to set someone straight at work years ago (on someone else’s behalf) when they parroted that little ditty, after giving it no thought. Many things must be assumed or the world would not function. For instance,we must assume that Aircraft maintenance specialists are doing their jobs and that there are checks and balances to ensure it and that when problems are found in oversight , they are rectified.

The same with medical procedures and a myriad of other specializations that affect all of our lives.

We can’t hold up an aircraft to perform a maintenance check ourselves before we board. We must “assume” that it is being done. I hate cutesy sayings that people use without due consideration. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Coincidently (perhaps) Bodexpress’s value as a stallion prospect will never be higher than it is right now.


I think this is a mixed bag of chips. He won the Clark and his value is now likely at it’s peak. This is his only G1 win and his ONLY graded win.

If he walked into the winners circle sound and back to the barn sounds; I am assuming this is tissue related and likely not all that serious (as Princess Noor’s injury) but likely would require layoff time before returning to a career. Layoff would mean the potential he never returns to his former self and/or that he never wins another graded race.

Retired behind the shield of “injury” and ownership is cashing in while he’s at his peak. Nothing wrong with that at all

I like Bodexpress. He was a solid runner and if he stays in the states I think he will be a value-added choice for some

While I certainly understand why people might be cynical, it is also true that right after a race adrenaline is running high and horses can be injured and not show it. That’s why so many retirement announcements happen like this–a few days after the race. The wraps come off and there is an ouchy. The trainer and the vets run their hands up and down the leg, flex, jog the horse down the road and X ray and maybe there is a hairline or a chip or filling. Then a decision has to be made. if the horse just had his biggest win in November on the cusp of a stallion career, the decision is easy. That doesn’t mean the injury didn’t exist. It may also just be a tacit acknowledgment that he will never be worth more than what he is right now and it is right before breeding season.

But Bodexpress is still the most famous for dumping his rider on national TV. I’m not so sure in a contracting breeding landscape and a crowded field of accomplished sires and flashy prospects, the Clark really made a big difference.


IMO, the difference is that without the win in the G1 Clark, Bodexpress wouldn’t have been a stallion prospect at all.


100% agree. He may get a deal in a state bred program.