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Bodysuit/onesie for dog with injury

One of our dogs has a wound on its knee/stifle, which is impossible to keep a wrap on.
We have been using kids tights on her, but the taking those on/off for potty breaks messes with the dressing/injury.
Vet suggested getting a bodysuit/onesie/pajamas for her.
Since my dogs don’t wear clothes, I’m lost.
Did a internet search, but how the heck do I know what to even look for, as far as quality or with/without a zipper & then a back zipper or a belly zipper :woman_shrugging:

I’ve read through 100’s of reviews, but they didn’t help much other than weed out the really crappy ones.

We purchased one of these (pre-pandemic) for our elderly Shih Tzu, and it worked for him. Due to Shih Tzus being relatively barrel-chested with short legs, I did do a little alteration on the back at the neck, and I think I also shortened the legs (there are easy alteration instructions on the website).

Otherwise, it worked fine. They’re on the pricey side, but have great reviews, and are made in the USA (which is important to me).

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Look for something like recovery sleeve.

Here’s one

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Search on amazon or chewy or the like and there are all types of options.

I searched for - dog recovery suit female - on amazon and there were lots of options. If you want legs included just keep scrolling or add that to the search, they are there.

A random pick of what came up on Amazon

I had a heck of a time finding anything for a back wound for my cat, so good luck.
Everything was designed for abdominal wounds (from spaying).
Only adjustable, Velcroed/zipper with optional sizes was for surgeons and cost hundreds of dollars.

Doing a Spider type bandage works wonderfully for this type of thing.

I bought this one off Amazon and it worked really well

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I ended up with a small dog harness with a stiffish back that buckled in the front and Velcro-Ed under the tummy (which I had to extend with more Velcro).

My advise is buy cheap versions of what you think might work, try them and when you find what he will tolerate, look for a higher quality version.

In the end, an e collar may be the simplest solution, much as I dislike them.

The spider bandage thing works cheaply for a body cover because you simply use scraps of things (depending on the size of your dog). I used old T-shirts.

But yes, buy things until you find what works for your dog.

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Lick Sleeve worked great for TPLO recovery.

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Oh believe me. I did search, extensively.
One needs to read through the reviews though.
Which is what made me hesitate to click buy now.

Hence coming here, to see if anyone had a brand they have used/liked or other ideas.

I ordered the lick sleeve & a bodysuit/pjs to have on hand.

Just an fyi, for anyone else that may ever need such a thing for their dog in the future.
I was able to use a kids Halloween costume. Turned it backwards, cut a hole in the crotch for her head.
Works fairly well & she can potty with it on.
Would have gotten a size larger if they’d had one, but just needed something to get through the next 2 days until the ordered stuff gets here.

She makes a pretty cute lady bug.


A big gym sock cut like a spider at the top can work too but you miss all the fun of the costume!


Didn’t think of using a tube sock. Will file away for any possible future needs.


Oh yes, there has been a picture going around the internet showing how to do that tube sock leg protection thing.
Here is a screen shot of one of those (not the one I remember but what I happened to find, the one I remember was on a back leg) - make a tube sock into a leg protector images.

I will say that this thread has taught me a whole bunch. To find that image I Googled - Dog Tube sock leg protector - and I learned that there are all kinds of various cool products out there. Good to know for future reference.

@mommy_peanut, she makes a wonderful ladybug!


Highly suggest the lick sleeve!

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I used to work for an ortho vet; we had all kinds of tricky moves and a lot of them involved toddler clothing. ha ha I hope she’s doing well!

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