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Boleem breeding

Little Bull Run farm is offering the following breeding:
Boleem (Dutch Warmblood stallion): frozen semen only. 2 yr. LFG. Breeding fee and booking fee included. Container deposit and handling fee is not covered.


If no one else will… I bid $25




I want to make sure bidders are aware that there is a likelihood that the breeding will be with frozen semen, as Bo is recovering from a serious bout of laminitis. At this juncture we’re not sure he will be ready for the breeding shed, nor will we sacrifice his recovery for his breeding endeavors.

His conception rates with frozen are 100%, but I know frozen isn’t for everyone and wanted to bring this up.

Since it is frozen, would we be simply purchasing straws (ie, no booking fee). Of course, I’m sure there would be shipping fees for the semen, but what other costs are involved?

I treat frozen semen just as I do fresh cooled. 2 insemination doses are shipped (just like fresh) per cycle, with up to 3 shipments per breeding season (just like fresh). The same LFG applies.

The container deposit is more expensive than for fresh, but of course, it’s refundable. There is no “collection fee”.

Select Breeders’ Service at Hilltop stores and ships his semen, so the mare owner works directly with them – they’re tops.




FYI: Boleem’s published fee is $1,350. I hope offering him will raise more than $80 for Kim (wink/grin icon).

$200 :slight_smile:

Lukas…wonderful. That’s more like it…thanks! I’ll butt out now (grin).



Boleem’s frozen semen is excellent! He got my mare in foal the first cycle. We had been trying to breed her for 3 years to 2 other stallions. I got a wonderful foal that I sold to a Dressage Judge. THANKS SUSAN & BOLEEM!!

I have 2 maiden mares and someone alerted me that frozen is not the best choice for maidens but couldn’t recall why. Is that true and if so, why?

While Boleem’s frozen has been successfully used on maidens (Darlyn’s mare being one of them…correct me if I’m wrong, Darlyn), it’s true that most breeding experts have better results using frozen semen with mares that have been reproductively active in the past.

Surely, it would be understandable if you wanted to remove your bid though. You’d probably need to contact Ruthie??

Yes, my mare was a maiden.

The reason they say it may not be the best choice for a maiden is because you don’t know if she is a mare that has issues or not, and frozen has typically been a bit more expensive, so why spend that extra money on a mare you are not (reasonably) sure of.

With a really good repro vet that has a PROVEN track record with a LOT of frozen, I would not hesitate to use it again on a maiden. It can be a LOT cheaper to use frozen with a good repro vet, than cooled with a mediocre one.

Thanks! I also have a question regarding leasing a broodmare, but I’ll start a thread over on SHB rather than taking this thread on a tangent. I’d love your input on it!