Bonus Race World Finals Questions

Any barrel racers out there? I qualified for the Bonus Race World Finals in Tulsa next July. I’ve never entered anything this big before. Any tips or information on this event? Trying to determine if it’s worth entering. Thanks for any information!

I do not have any experience with a race on that level. Not to steer you away, but there aren’t many barrel racers on this forum. :smiley: You might want to ask your question on BHW.

I kind of figured this might be the wrong forum. To be honest, I try to stay away from places where barrel racers congregate as I’ve found in general they are a bit crazy. LOL

Sometimes. :smiley:

Ask the “wrong question” on here too, and there is plenty of crazy from other disciplines!!! :lol: Barrel racers aren’t the only ones who are crazy, haha.

Well, a few things you can try to figure out yourself if you’ve never been to a big show.

For one, ask management if they are concrete stalls (most likely, at a big facility). If so, you’ll either want to use a ton of shavings (8-10 bags) or bring your own mats to put down.

You might also want to get a tack stall. If you don’t know what that is, it’s where you literally pay for a stall to put your tack in. At large facilities, that’s usually easier than getting back to your trailer, which is a distance away. For a tack stall, you’ll want some basics like a saddle stand, bridle hooks, etc. You’ll also want to bring along a lock to put on the tack stall. You’ll also want a wheelbarrow for easier hauling things!

Oh, wow, I never even thought of this! Thank you! I had no idea stalls would/could be put on concrete. I did see somewhere on the bonus race website about rubber stall mat rentals. Now I feel a little dumb for not understanding what that was. Again, THANK YOU for bringing that to my attention! Also, good idea about the tack stall. Where I run in my area the stalls run out fairly fast so no option for tack stalls. But most of our arena’s have multiple smaller stall barns so you park pretty close to where you stall.

Thanks again for your advise!

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