Boom sprayer issues

Does anyone have a boom sprayer that actually works year after year? I’ve had two from Northern Tool (North Star) and I’m about to return my second one to TSC (Fimco). I only use it 2-3 times/year and something always breaks, usually a valve. If it’s a cheap part I’ll just fix it, but this last one the whole face of the pressure gauge popped off an water was pouring out. I was looking at the workhorse one. There don’t seem to be many options. I’ve got weeds to spray!! :grin:

We have a Northern Tool sprayer system that pulls behind the 4-wheeler. It’s about ten years old and still works like new. DH has not had to replace any parts yet——:slight_smile:

DH is anal about cleaning the lines and all of the orifices better than my grandmother used to polish her good silverware:)

I think the key to keeping sprayers in good working order is to clean them better than grandma cleaned her good silverware, which can be a pain but may be worth the extra time and beer after all:):slight_smile:

I got mine just two years ago but so far whenever I pull it out for the first time in a few months it still works fine. I got mine at Tractor Supply, I think.

Wow, 10 years! I’m not sure why I keep having issues. I run a lot of clean water through it afterwards and clean it all off. It’s also stored under cover.

Dial pressure gauge ? Extraordinarily cheap gauge or water froze in the gauge’s tube rupturing it… Gauges are inexpensive, replace it and carry on.