Boot Options for the Chronic Forging Draft Cross?

I know, I know, another thread on boots. I did not find anything from the last decade on this specific issue in my search through the forums so here we are!

I have a 12 year old 16H Friesian / Percheron-Hackney. No, I did not breed him. He turned out quite lovely all things considered. That being said, his biggest fault is that he forges like it is nobody’s business. He was owned by a farrier all his life before me who also struggled with this issue, and because I just moved across the country I can say I have used two different farriers and so I am pretty confident that this is not a farrier-specific problem. The horse actually came to me with quite large scars on his front fetlocks from forging while driving. The only boots that help a bit are the KL Select XXL bells, but we go through one pair per shoe cycle which makes this guy pretty expensive to maintain. My questions are:

  1. Does anyone have any cheaper solutions that actually fit big ole feet (size 4/5 shoe)? XXL Professional Choice no turns are not big enough, and a few other brands I have tried I had issues with, so I am hesitant to venture into trying new brands any more without a strong recommendation.

  2. Alternatives to bell boots? Do grab boots work? Is there anything I can leave on him 24/7 in mud without risking fungus/bacteria issues?

At my wits ends with this guy other than buying stock in these KL Italias and planning to start hunting him soon so any thoughts / tips / tricks are appreciated!

Have you tried the Davis vinyl bell boots? They’re really tough and come in huge sizes.

No I have not! I will look into these. I have had similar boots that my gelding has managed to mutilate pretty quickly but I haven’t tried this brand. Thank you.

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I did end up ordering these by the way and they are in fact the most durable (if maybe not the prettiest :wink: )

Glad that worked for you! I tried them all on my size 5 shoe wearer and the Davis boots won hands down. Yes they’re a bit ugly :joy:

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