Boot Recommendation for Riding and lots of Walking

Currently I show stock/ranch horse type classes and ride in Ariat paddock boots. I got dinged by a judge recently because the boots were not ‘western’. (The rules do say western type boots but usually my jeans cover them enough to ‘hide’ them.)

What boots does everyone recommend for riding and walking a lot? I work at shows and end up going back an forth between arenas, office, etc. I also keep horses at home so I am cleaning stalls, walking through pastures, etc. regularly.

Would these work?

I have a pair of square toe Lucchese boots with crepe soles. They are so comfortable, but I’ll warn you, they weren’t cheap. But I can wear them all day and into the night, at shows, and my feet don’t hurt. In my opinion the boots in the link above wouldn’t work. Not if a judge wants a western boot.


The link boots may work because it says something like western style boots including lace up boots are allowed.

I will look into the Lucchese boots too but they may be out of my price range.

You can find Lucchese boots on eBay at reasonable prices. Look for a pair with crepe soles.

In the past, I have always worn Justin lacers with the kilties to show in. Usually black, always well cleaned and polished. I did specifically keep a pair just to show in. At home, Ariat Terrains or H2Os, but I would not show in them.

What class were you showing in that a judge dinged your boots?

Ariat made or makes a western style lacers with kilties, they also make a lot of western boots

The judge penalized me in a cutting class for inappropriate attire. The rules in our association do state western style boots are required and if I had my jeans rolled down he would not have seen that they were not ropers. I had been in another area and had rolled up jeans to avoid mud then forgot about it. It was just a fluke but I want options to avoid it in the future.

I think it is the same judge that lectured me that my pull on bell boots were ‘too english’. I had scored low under him then too.

What about packer boots? They can be comfortable for walking if they fit properly and they’re definitely western.

I show NCHA cutting and ride in Ariat Fat Babys. They are comfy, definitely Western and very affordable.


I love these boots for all-day comfort when a lot of walking is involved, and they’re plenty “western” enough to pass for round-toed cowboy boots. I wore the lace-up version exclusively (except in shows, obviously) for about 15 years when I rode hunt seat. As a nice bonus, they’re waterproof. Yeah, they’re ugly, but I have plantar fasciitis, so comfort overtook fashion years ago when it comes to footwear. Lol.

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I gave up fashion for comfort years ago too. :slight_smile:
I’m glad to know these are comfortable, since I’ve been looking for a comfortable waterproof boot. If these didn’t cost twice as much as the Mudruckers that I eventually bought cost, I would have gone with these – I like the western look for local shows, and now, hopefully, for riding too!
Maybe I will go back to the local tack shop and try on a pair …

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