Boots for Horse that Stands Close Behind

Looking for recommendations for a hind boots as indestructible as they come! He is always in sport boots or wraps during work because he is close behind and interferes when he is nervous/tense (which is often). We have shredded our pair of Dover knock off DSBs in a matter of months, leaving bits of flaking plastic like breadcrumbs to retrace our steps.

Do true DSBs hold up better? I have DSB on the front and they are going strong but the fronts are not the issue. Anyone else using anything better?

at his hocks and on down plumb? or base-narrow?

Shires Arma Air Motion Brushing Boots are my regular boots for this. They’re durable, not too expensive ($30ish a pair), stay put, and aren’t hot. My guy is a sweater but these boots hardly get sweaty. They’re not the fanciest (no fur or leather-look) but I’ve been using them for years and really rate them.


I’ve had decent luck with Woof boots over the years-- but a horse that really truly brushes consistently will shred anything eventually.

2nd the Arma air motion boots. Nicely padded all around, with durable strike pad, and very breathable.

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I have not even looked at the Shires Arma because the bell boots I bought from them lasted all of a week.

He’s a little base narrow from the stifle, not the hock. He paddles out in front and interferes behind.

Which is perfectly compensatory. A moving trapezoid…like a Citroën. I have a horse like this…i exhaust my farrier over him. following this post!

I don’t like their bell boots either, but these brushing boots are durable.