Bootses for footses?

Any recommendations for hoof boots? I’m toying with the idea of getting a set but have never used them… in the past, Mr O’Pony is kept shod except in winter.

This year, he’s au naturel as clinics, CDEs, etc are canceled and we’re mostly pottering around in the arena or barn environs.

I want to do the occasional trail drive for distance/variety, but this area is mostly rocky high desert and gravelly jeep trails. Any recommendations for an easy-to- use boot that stands up to trotting with minimal rubs and grit collection?

I am very happy with my Scoot Boots.

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Thank you–I was perusing the options and liked their trial option.

I have used Cavallo boots and Easy Boots on my minis and of the two I like the EB’s better. The first pair of Cavallo’s I loved and wore out (a little too quickly) and when I replaced them I found that the newer version has an odd tab of plastic at the center and it interferes with the breakover enough to be problematic. IDK if the larger sizes have this odd design flaw or not, I think they might as that is where they put their logo.
Hope this helps a little.

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I use scoot boots whenever our gravel road is grated/regraveled, etc. - usually that is a fitness workout so they do have to hold up to a lot of trotting up and down hills