Boston Area Lesson Barns -- Public Transit

Hello! Saw a forum for this from 8 years ago, hoping to get some up to date recommendations!

I moved to Boston last year & am now trying to find a barn. I’ve been using Zipcar but it is not really feasible for my budget long term. I’ve been riding since I was 6, & competed in high school/college (IEA/IHSA) – hunter/jumpers & equitation - and have since taken a 5 year break and looking to get back into riding.

I currently live in the Allston area. I dont have my own horse, and Im not looking to lease. Does anyone have recommendation of lesson barns accessible by public transit? Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, there’s a lack of answers for a reason. I went through this same search a few years ago and didn’t find anything. You’d most likely have to be willing to Uber from a commuter rail stop, but I can’t imagine that’s any cheaper than a Zipcar.

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That’s a tough combination – lesson horses plus public transportation? The only places I can think of with a lesson program are Orchard Hill (Berlin), Coursebrook (Sherborn). I’m not sure if Dana Hall has a lesson program, but that would be the closest to you and would have public transportation. Verrill Fam in Lincoln/Concord also has a program, but you’d need to take a train out and then get an uber.

See what universities in the area (of which there are many!) have IHSA teams and email them to see if you can hop into their schedule as an IHSA alumni rider. You could coordinate rides out to the barn that way as college students band together to figure it out.


thanks, ive been reaching out but most no luck so far - they only allow current students or faculty

I think your situation is why alot of Bostonians take a break from riding. It’s just too hard to get to horse country from Boston without your own car. It takes too long and the traffic is so awful that you’re in a foul mood by the time you get to the barn (and you’re probably late for your lesson, due to traffic, and if it’s winter, well, it has probably started raining and it’s 33 degrees out.)

But, if you end up taking lessons on weekends or in the evenings in the Berlin, MA or Sudbury, MA areas, message me privately to see if we can work something out for transportation, at least one way at least some of the time.

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