Boyd Martin Clinic- Tips?

Hello! Has anybody here done a clinic with Boyd Martin and care to share their experience? I will be doing a clinic with him later this summer and am super excited but would appreciate any advice so I can be as prepared as possible! FWIW, I’m at the BN level.

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve clinic’d with him before. He’s very nice, funny. Very helpful and I learned a lot. He does have folks jump well above level and charms them into giving it a try. Just good to know in advance. You’ll have fun!


I have to laugh at Seespotevent because he does really push you out of your comfort zone in a fun, positive, confident way. He is has a wonderful eye and brings out the best in all of the riders. He promotes a laid back, educational atmosphere.


Thank you both! I really appreciate the heads up about jumping above your level and am so looking forward to the clinic. I’m taking 2 horses who are pretty opposite so am excited to see how it goes!

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I would use this as a reason to get fitter and sharper than usual. You’ll be burning nitrous with excitement + summer heat. To ensure you enjoy it, over prepare so you have Fun.