Brace/Body Protector after broken femur?

I had a bad fall last year and broke my femur/trochanter. Now I have a rod in my thigh and surgeon pronounced me healed. I have occasional twinges of pain (when I walk in heels, not when I ride), but basically it’s all good.

Needless to say I’m trying to de-risk my riding in any reasonable way–new trainer, riding almost a schoolmaster, ix-nay on fox hunting and probably crossrails only in my future. But s***t happens–last week said schoolmaster had a major spook and I came off. I was wearing my air vest and I t deployed perfectly. No injuries, but I fell on my left hip exactly where the break had been.

There’s some pain there now, but I don’t believe there’s any permanent damage, and of course I’m going to an orthopaedic surgeon to make sure. But I’m wondering if there’s anything I can get–, a brace or some kind of protector for my upper thigh–that I could get for some added protection.

Anybody know of anything like this? I couldn’t be the only rider with this type of injury! Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice.

Would hip protector pads help?

Figure skating crash pads! Brilliant, thanks for your help!

Jeepers…this is brilliant. I didn’t know they make these.