Brace for dog with torn ligament

I’m thinking of buying pup a brace versus going right to surgery. Been to vet, it’s definitely torn. Had the TPLO surgery on the other leg last December. But he’s (tentatively) using the newly hurt leg. Anybody experienced with using a brace? Which brand? TIA.

I didn’t go that route but I am curious about it so I’ll be following this thread. What type / size dog do you have?

I know you’re trying to avoid surgery so I’m not being helpful, but I will say it was worth all the tears I shed over the expense, and the arduous rehab. My girl had them done at age 4 and 5 and was hiking the last week of her life at age 13. I miss her so much. The new pup is a beast.

I did use one for one of my puppies, rather than surgery. It was an extremely positive experience. It is my understanding that the numbers verify that it may take a bit longer to heal, but they can be active with the brace (not crazy active…) whereas the surgeries require confinement, and there is the risk of them doing something that will re-tear whatever you’ve tried to put back together.

Good luck!

Yes I was pleased with the surgery on the first leg but going to try the brace.

Which brand, do you remember?

Custom made at My Pets Brace Morgantown PA.

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The type of tear will definitely matter. A partial rupture may heal, but a full rupture will never heal on its own.

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He is border collie/golden retriever.