Brag-Completed Freestyle Bar!

I received my USDF Freestyle Bar certificate today! It took me 6 years to complete it. I had my First and Third Level MFS Scores in 2015 and 2016 with my first Friesian and just finished my Second Level MFS with my second Friesian. It is always great when you set a goal and you achieve it.



Good for you!!

Congratulations, what a great accomplishment.

That’s awesome!

Wonderful! Congratulations!

Good job…what kind of music did you use?

My Second Level Freestyle was music from the Spanish a queen. Hailey Guard did the music for me. It really fits this mare, I honestly don’t know about the first and third level music.
The first Friesian I had (Marco Von Laar) came with his first and second level freestyles already done. I used the existing first level MFS and was Reserve Champion at the 2015 UDSF Finals, Amateur. The music editor reworked the second level music (very Celtic) and made a Third Level MFS for us. I never showed him at 2nd level. I was showing him 4th, knocking on the door for PSG when he suddenly died. It took a bit to restart after losing him.