Braid reins OK?

As i read in the rules these reins are OK. But are they customary?
3.5. Reins. A rein is a continuous, uninterrupted strap or line connecting the bit to the hand. Each bit must be attached to
a separate rein and reins may only be attached to bits. Rein additions or attachments are prohibited. Snaps that attach
reins to the bit are permitted. Reins may be made of leather, leather-like material, or webbing. The material may be

Are these kinds of reins ok? Do folks wear these in shows? 5ft long with buckle at midpoint and conway buckle at bit end?

Nobody will notice your reins, these are fine.


Conway buckles are not customary for English tack. For dressage, all bridles and reins I’ve seen are either hook-stud or regular buckle ends.

Totally legal, May make a smooth release of the reins in a stretchy circle a bit more challenging/“bumpy”…

I’ve never seen english reins with conway buckles at the end, and I personally have a deep seated hatred of conways in the first place. However, nobody will notice and the OP isn’t going to be judged on them.

So foreign to me is the conway buckle that I had to look it up. Doesnt matter and no judge will judge.

I found braided reins great when there was rain or threat of rain. A simple laced rein is handy , too, for double bridle. I guess coming out of hunters I found the conventional laced rein comfortable and familiar in my hands.

Dont worry about conventional and ride your horse in the best possible way

legal and love how they feel. The only reason I switched to stops is because I’m terrible at keeping my reins even and I need the stops as a reality check.


Oh gosh thanks! I’m having a custom bridle made (because i want a gray one) and there are so many questions. A few of the questions i hadn’t a clue how to answer! This rein thing was one of them. Glad i mentioned conway buckles and glad you all corrected me.

If you’re not asking about a specific pair of reins but a type in general, know that the image you linked are not is generally sold as “braided reins.” Those are regular, traditional laced reins, usually seen in the hunter/equitation rings with hook stud ends. I have no idea what a conway end is–I’ve only ever seen them with hook studs or occasionally buckles.

There are actual braided/plaited reins you can buy:

Not sure I’ve ever seen the latter in actual use.

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ok not braided…laced. i mean the kind of reins in the picture i sent.
I have this type of rein on a few of my bridles and i prefer them…especially once they get nice and flexible. And especially in this sweaty humid weather!

OP asked if they were customary, which is the question I answered. I’ve only seen them on western reins, usually gaming or roping reins.

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yes Outerbanks, that’s what i wanted to know. I pour over the rules and tests and such, i know they’re legal. And though i am going to stand out with a blonde horse in gray tack, i would at least like the tack to kinda follow the basic fashion as well as look good (to my eye)