Brand new trailer!

My forever trailer was delivered today! I ordered it from a dealer in GA all the way back in March because all the trailer dealers in the Northeast were sold out for 2021 at that time. It was supposed to be delivered in June but better late than never. I wasn’t even sure what color it was until my daughter sent me a picture of it pulling in the driveway at the farm but it’s beautiful.

So this is my first all aluminum trailer. How do I keep it from getting oxidation streaks on it? I have read that acid wash is not good. How do I know if it has a clear coat? If it does have a clear coat do you need to do anything to protect that? Help!



I have an all Aluminum trailer and it didn’t come with a clear coat. It also wasn’t painted. My local trailer company put a clear coat on it in 2007 and I’m probably going to re-do it next year.

My go to wash is this.

It’s kept the trailer clean and shiny! Areas where the horses lean or poop I put a heavier coat of wax to prevent oxidation.

Might be overkill but I want my trailer to be forever too!! Attached pics of my 2007 heavily used stock/combo taken a couple weeks ago.


Thank you, that looks great! I got WERM flooring so hopefully the inside will be easy to maintain as well.

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Nice! Mine is wood but when/if I need to replace it I want to do WERM or Rumber


That looks like a vey spiffy trailer. :sunglasses:

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+1 for Wash Wax All, or really anything by Aero Cosmetics. I have a couple of informational how-to’s on my blog about it (not sponsored):


Those products look great, I am going to buy them both! I asked the dealer and there is no clear coat, she said the paint is baked on the aluminum. Is a clear coat something I should have done or is the wax in those products good enough?

Mine is unpainted. I wonder if it is painted they consider it protected enough? Not sure but wax has definitely helped protect the surface.

This is fantastic! Well thought out and extremely well written.

Even painted surfaces need to be waxed, ideally a couple times a year, just like a car does (not that everyone does!).


Congratulations! It is gorgeous! Here is to many safe and happy years of hauling!

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Each of my trailers came with a maintenance manual that included information about the products recommended to maintain the painted aluminum finishes and other trim components, and how to use them. If the dealer did not pass this on to you, I suggest contacting 4star and requesting they send it directly to you. Sometimes these things get misplaced by dealers.


Good to know. I won’t see the trailer for a few weeks when I get back to Maryland but can check through the paperwork to see if anything like that was included.

My Queen checking out her new chariot


That is a really roomy, light trailer, I think she approves. :sunglasses:

Is it the Runabout 2+1 or a different one?

No tips but congrats on the new trailer! What a beauty!!!

I am pretty sure it’s the Runabout 2 plus 1. I added WERM and quiet ride.


This is hooked up to my truck. My daughter gets it all to herself for a few weeks until I get home.