Brand new trailer!

My poor chariot already has black streaks! They were worse on the driver’s side so I tackled that first. Had to use the polish recommended to get them off then finished with the cleaning spray. Definitely need to get it waxed ASAP

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Must have pics of your living quarters…

It doesn’t have living quarters. Just a 2 plus 1 with a dressing room. You could probably put a mattress up in the nose of the gooseneck but that’s a little more rustic than I am interested in.

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Looking at the photos of the fenders, another thing you may want to do is add trim to the underside of the metal edge. If you ever tie a horse to the side it cushions that edge. Or if you’re changing a tire and whack your arm into it.

This stuff:

My Exiss (which also has the tiny lights!) didn’t have it either. DH had some left over from a boat project and it was just enough to do both sides.
210925_9132 by Wendy, on Flickr


Good tip, thank you. I just got the trailer back from having the lights put on the fender. They also changed the batteries over to cases that show you if the battery is charging and a professional wax.

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Um tell me more about those battery cases??

I can get the information for you the next time I am at the barn in a week or so. It has a button you can push that will tell you if it is charged and charging.

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My 4Star came with trim on the underside of the fenders which wouldn’t stay fully attached and eventually came all the way off :unamused:


Finally remembered to get pics of the battery box. I have a smaller one for my brakes too.

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Thank you! Does it have its own little “whatever” that you plug in to charge, or does it just show the battery charging when you hook it up to the trickle charger?

It gets charged by the truck when it is in use. If you hadn’t driven it in a while you can double check that it is still charged enough.

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I spent a fortune having the trailer waxed last fall so was distraught to see it covered with black streaks recently. Thankfully they literally wiped right off so the wax did it’s job. I don’t know what to do about the polished aluminum though. So far nothing I have tried did anything but cause scratches. Any suggestions?

Hi! My 4 Star has side panels that are polished aluminum. It’s gorgeous but a real pain to care for. The only thing I’ve found is Mother’s Aluminum Polish. I even called the dealer for help. I hope someone has an easier idea for you.

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I did successfully use white vinegar on my 4 Star that did not have polished aluminum sides.

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Thanks. Will try both

Spot check the vinegar. It worked great on the unpolished sides, but it didn’t work on the polished sides of my current trailer.

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