Recently bought one and was wondering how they are named, what the number under the brand means etc. I know with my Dutch WB they are named after a certain letter depending on the year.


In general most of the German verbands follow the sire line for naming, esp for colts - i.e., name starts with same first letter as sire’s name. Exceptions are Trakehners who name all foals - colts and fillies - according to dam line. Holsteiners use sire line for colts and YOB for fillies. Oldenburg uses sire line for colts; fillies intended for breeding follow the dam line, while fillies intended for performance can be named according to the sire line or dam line.

My guess is that Brandenberg follows the sire line for all foals, but someone else may have more specific information.

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Thanks. I will see that once his passport gets to me. Now to figure out what the number on the brand under the symbol means. I assume they number each one they register, maybe in chronological order. From a small area in Germany so its possible. Guessing of course.

The number under the brand should correspond to the 3rd and 4th numbers from the end of his life number.