Brands of Blue Shampoo?

The last time I gave a horse a bath for a show, I used my trainer’s shampoo/conditioner and I cannot for the life of me remember the brand.

I know it was blue in color and the container was clear, but it wasn’t Gallop or Mane N’ Tail shampoo.

Reason I ask is because I want to see if I can find it anywhere online and because I want to use that brand again. It made the horse’s coat super soft and she’s an Appaloosa so it made her bum and socks extremely white. She literally glowed :slight_smile:

Any ideas of the brand? I know it was shampoo and conditioner all in one, had a clear container, and was blue in color. Blue, not purple in the least bit.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

White n Brite is a clear container.

That said, I have been using equifuse citrafoam and CFS, and those get horses WHITE. I used to be a blue shampoo person but not anymore.

Hmm. Not White n Brite either, I know that for sure.

It’s also not QuikSilver.

Yeah, I’ve heard of those, but not what I’m looking for…

Maybe Wonder Blue?

the weaver brand?

Vetrolin’s purple one?

Nope, just looked up all of those. I thought Weaver might have been it, but it wasn’t. Huh. I go to the barn tomorrow so maybe I can look then, but keep the suggestions rolling!


No :no:

Do you remember if it was horse shampoo or people shampoo?

I was going to recommend the Gallop, they changed their packaging a while ago, maybe an older bottle?

Indy, that could be! I’m not sure. And IPE, I do remember it being horse shampoo, but there was a dog running next to the horse on the package, so it could have been all around animal shampoo + conditioner.

Fiebings makes one that I have used with success:

Oh well. Not Fiebings either. The mystery will be solved this afternoon when I go to the barn haha :slight_smile:

I will keep you all posted - I’m sure it’s a brand nobody has ever heard of before.

Actually, it was Fiebings!! :smiley: Thanks everyone!!

Just wanted to throw in a plug for the Lucky Braids shampoo - it’s not blue but it works amazing (we have a chestnut paint) and makes the coat very shiny, use it a few times and stains start to just brush out…

Thanks for the info! :slight_smile: