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Brave chickens

We have a few chickens that we raised from chicks last year. This summer we started allowing them to free range during the day which makes them VERY happy. However, they are getting bolder and roaming further during day than I prefer. I don’t mind them roaming towards the back of the property…but the front of the property may be an issue. They happily put themselves up each evening in their coops.

Can I deter them from certain areas? Chicken proof fencing by the road isn’t economical for me. Do I need to keep them in their coops a little more during the day?

My chickens come when I call “Ladies, Ladies” and they get a treat. If yours come when they call, maybe for a few days go outside and call them to the area that you would like them to stay around and feed some nice treats. Maybe they will be less likely to roam to far from that area. That’s all I got! Good Luck


Are there more trees or places to hide in front? They might feel safer there if the back of the property is open.

Having a picnic table or some kind of A-frame to run under when they sense danger could make the back more inviting, along with throwing treats around the area. Anything they can dart under would work and moveable is better for getting them to focus on certain areas.