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This driver climbed off after handing reins to assistant and tried to save her horse from this hell hound. Thats her lying in red at the end.

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Wow, I’m amazed at how good that horse was, but what an absolutely awful situation.

Interesting how at the end people where insisting “Get the horse out of here”. The horse is not the problem and it most likely has been injured by the dog biting it. Get rid of the d@** dog and permanently. I won’t tolerate a dog chasing any livestock and if I kill your dog that is chasing or attacking my horse or cattle, so be it. And it may not be pretty. For some reason folks think that precious fluffy should be treated as if he/she is “just playing”; nope, it’s deadly serious. Why is my maimed or dead animal less important than your “precious”?

Kudos to the horse owner/driver for maintaining control of the horse. Good on passenger mom too for getting her children off safely and handling the situation without screaming or panicking. I’m still impressed by how well the horse handled this.


Stupid dog! He finally backed off after the horse belted him a good one. But what happened to the people on the ground? Did he bite that woman in grey? She was trying to hold him and then she was on the ground. That poor horse - every prey animal’s fear. At least he didn’t run off, just tried to protect himself. What an awful situation.


From what I read, the woman in gray was the dog owner. She wasnt injured, she was protecting the dog by laying over it. It was PTS by the vet because its injuries were extensive. I read it broke its harness going after the horse.
Horse had tears in neck and nostrils - the attack was going on before the video started.
Driver broke her foot and damaged her knee and has large hospital bills.


Horse has over 15 bite/punctures to its head, muzzle & some in its legs & body as well.
The lady in red is the horses owner. She jumped down off the carriage & kept throwing the dog off her horse.
This went on for much longer than the video shows, as that was just the end of this whole fiasco.
Unfortunately in the process of trying to help her horse, she ended up underneath the horse/carriage a few times.
Her brother reported on her condition (see photos below) & a friend has set up a fundraiser for her.

The lady in grey is the owner of the dog. Yes the dog was PTS due to its injuries.

Could have been so much worse if the owner & assistant driver hadn’t acted as they did.

Stupid pet people will NEVER get it or understand how much of a liability their ignorance is to the rest of us.

Holy Crap! What a mess. Yes, it could have been worse but this was bad enough. And kudoes to the brave people that stepped in to help. Liked the one guy with the spatula whacking the dog. I hope everyone heals soon.

And I hate when people let their dogs go where they shouldn’t and keep saying “Oh, he’s okay.” No your dog isn’t - if he was okay I wouldn’t keep telling you to call him off. And before anyone says anything about pit bulls, it can be any dog. I had a guy with a lab-x that kept running up behind my mustang (who hated dogs) and I finally told him that if he wanted to see his dog go to Mars, then keep it up. :rage:


That was horrible to watch. I feel just awful for the horse, the horse owner and all of the poor bystanders, especially the now traumatized kiddos.

Well handled by the adults. I’m thinking that perhaps everyone who drives should have a tire iron secured somewhere in their vehicle.


Or a firearm. This is sad and tragic all around.


That was hard to watch. I guess it was fear of the horse that made it so difficult for the owner, or a bystander, to get the dog? Or, nothing to put around the dog’s neck?

Maybe, in addition to other emergency supplies, a slip leash would be good to carry. I worry about something like this driving our little pony. I might put a leash under the seat, just in case. Owner’s dog gets loose, they run out to catch it, but no time to grab a leash, maybe it could help.

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This was terrifying to watch. I used to drive commercial carriages in the downtown area of a major metropolitan area, and a dog attack was one of my worst nightmares. Luckily I never had to experience anything worse than dogs barking and lunging while on leash. Great job to all the adults in the situation for handling things as they did, and I hope the horse’s owner and the horse recover well from all their injuries. How tragic.

I like @moonlitoaksranch’s idea to carry a slip leash in emergency supplies while driving. I think this would be safer than a firearm or taser because it would be pretty difficult to get a clear shot on a dog that is actively attacking a horse, and the noise may make matters worse. I will make a mental note to add a slip leash to emergency supplies when I start driving again.


Having broken up a dog fight before, watching this video now, and a person who keeps a spare leash in my car - I do not see how having a slip leash on hand would have done anything in this situation. A person would have had to be able to secure the dog long enough to get the leash on, and I never saw a time when that was even possible.

What an amazing horse who seemed to keep it together quite well while being attacked.
Jingles for the woman who was injured.

And I am going to add jingles for the dog owner because if the dog being loose was truly an accident then they too deserve some kind thoughts. What a horrible way to lose your dog. Yes, I know the whole situation is the dog’s fault, but … still a horrible way to lose your dog.


I think a can of pepper spray would be better than any leash. I’m glad that damn dog is dead.


Agreed with this, and though I know some dogs are extremely high prey drive, let me stress that this is why it is CRITICALLY important to have a solid recall on your dog. It may not have prevented the dog running at the horse in the beginning, or getting a bite or two in. But a dog with a recall would have eventually been able to be called off before he got his skull shattered. Also important is a LEAVE IT command.

Where in the video is the owner? Why is no one trying to collar the dog - several were close enough to just grab him? Probably fear of getting bitten I would assume?

I’m not against pitbulls, but they really really really need to be owned by experienced owners. The number of them owned by froofroo type owners is insane, and they are not easy dogs.


The owner, from what I have read here, is the woman wearing the grey shirt that in the end lays on top of the dog.

Having been in the middle of a dog fight I can tell you that getting a firm grasp on an attacking dog is exceptionally difficult.


I’m just surprised the owner didn’t step in and get a handle, any kind of handle (leg, ear, collar, tail, I don’t care) on the dog. If it’s not my dog I’m going to hesitate because I don’t know how the dog is going to react to suddenly being restrained, but if it’s my dog, you bet your ass I’m going to get a hold of him any way I can, damage to myself or him be damned.

What a horrible situation. I feel for all involved. Speedy recovery to the horse and her badass handler.

Edit: A dude spanked the dog with a spatula, twice in a row. That was the perfect opportunity to grab the dog, but as it was not his dog I understand why he didnt.


Luckily, I’ve never had to try this myself, but a dog trainer once advised me that an effective way to handle a dog latched onto another animal is to grab the hind legs and “wheelbarrow” the dog head down and away from its target. Apparently this allows you to stay away from the business end of the dog and makes them more likely to release. I hope I never get any practice at this maneuver as I’m not quite clear on what you do with the snarling dog once you have it in hand. It reminds me of the Farside cartoon of the boy holding a piano to the ceiling with a broomstick. Maybe a slip leash around the back end would still be effective?

That was a truly horrifying experience for everyone involved. Very sad and preventable.

And ditto above: I would have tackled my dog like a deranged linebacker under the same circumstances.


All easier said than done!

Even more so, I imagine, if there are flying horse hooves in the mix.

(Disclaimer - not defending anything here, just expressing my experiences. I wish it was as easy as just grab on.)


That was awful - I feel sorry for everyone involved, including the dog’s owner. It’s impossible to understand the prey drive a dog can have unless you’ve experienced it for yourself; they’ll literally do whatever it takes to kill whatever it is they’re focused on. The adrenaline gets going and they cannot be stopped. You can see that happen when the horse finally nails him at the end and he flies under the carriage, then drags himself away and collapses - that’s when the owner pins him down and tries to calm him. I’ve hit dogs with shovels, in the head, to stop them from going after one of my animals; it didn’t even faze them.

I also like to think I’d have tried to grab the dog’s collar - but again, I’ve got scars on one hand from being bitten by a Chihuahua who’d just been run over by a car and was lashing out as I was trying to help it. Can’t imagine what something like a pit would do if you were trying to stop it from attacking something.


This just makes me so angry- so many people and animals hurt because of an irresponsible dog owner. Train your #)$*#) dogs and then train some more. Check your equipment. Maybe it’s the horse person in me but I check my guy’s leash/collar/harness for flaws every time we go out just like you look at your billets or reins every time you ride. My dog is 100 plus pounds of muscle and he is incredibly strong. The other day, when I took him to the vets, the tech came out with a leash barely fit to hold a cat. I refused to let her put that on him, one pull and it could have snapped. And for the love of all that is holy, if you have an aggressive, high prey drive type dog that you can’t handle- don’t take them out in public to cause things like this. Even if something is an “accident”, when it comes to your animals, it’s still your fault.


Perhaps, but that dog isn’t so big that he couldn’t be man handled away. If the owner is in the grey, she had and missed several opportunities to snag that dog. It is possible she was scared of the horse and that backed her off, but she was RIGHT THERE with the dog exhausted and pausing between lunges.

Again. Recall, recall, recall. And a dog that knows that NO is going to be followed up with some bigtime serious consequences if he doesn’t at least think about knocking it off. The high drive hunting dogs will whoa no matter what, and that’s without ever using E-collars in training. Just consistent work, and reinforcing it when they slip up and take even one step out of the whoa.

Some people should not own high drive animals. Those people are the same ones who don’t believe they shouldn’t own one.

What a shame.