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Breastplate Help

Hello everyone. So I am looking into investing in a breastplate for my horse when jumping and when we get out XC schooling, hunter paces etc. What breastplates are people loving? I only want something that attaches to the girth billets, d-ring only breastplates I don’t love for my horse. Has anyone tried the Dyon anatomic one or the Arion one that is a similar shape? I am really liking the look of those but I can’t find many reviews about them. I wish they had elastic but apparently the shape is great for shoulder movement (according to Dyon), I will put up a picture but really would love some help and opinions!

We did not care for billet attaching, with breastplates. The reason was the billets were pulled forward, did not hold the saddle in place the way we wanted. I first noticed the problem as a kid, when Polo beastplates were popular. The straps came atraight around the chest, attached at the billets. Looked COOL! In real life any quick starts and the billets got pulled forward as saddle slid back. Not working as expected. Pretty useless piece of tack!

We moved on to hunting breastplates, which attach at the saddle Ds, with rings at any “joints” of leather changing direction. We did usually need to shorten the strap from chest to girth, always too long. Or our horses didn’t match the model horse they sized things they made.

Been very happy with the hunting breastplates over the years. Saddles stayed in place as needed. No rubs from breastplates when they cam into play. Particularly helpful with children riders who might forget to check girth tightness often enough. Saddle CANNOT spin under horse belly before kid can kick free or jump down while saddle can ONLY slide halfway down on horse side. Saddle stayed forward, in place if amped-up horse did a rocket-like takeoff with a sweaty back. Saddles are well fitted, girthed correctly without cutting horse in half, but that sudden acceleration of a powerful horse can change things! We felt we were helping horses by using the hunting breastplates.

I realize styles change, but the pictured model does not look like it will stay gracefully curved with use and conditioning. The solid leather under shoulder strap won’t look so pretty should it need repair, being one long piece. And again, I do not think you will be happy with the billets being pulled forward if the breastcollar ever actually needs to hold the saddle in place.


You may want to ask in the Eventing forum, as breastplates tend to be much more popular there than with h/j folks.

That said, I find you almost have to try it on the horse and see what they think. My previous horse really didn’t need one, though we used an old fashioned flat one for sidesaddle. New young horse really hates the traditional hunting style, and does not move as well with one. She doesn’t mind the three point (mine is similar to the Nunn Finer ones) and goes well in it when I’ve used it. I like occasionally having a grab strap on a young horse, and honestly prefer the 3 way for that, as you’re less likely to rip the dees off your saddle if you do actually need it.

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thank you for the suggestion, I will share it over there!