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Breastplate Info Help

Hi everyone, I am on the search for a breastplate and came across this style. I have zero experience with it and would love to know what people think. Beyond it though, what breastplates are people loving these days? Thanks so much for all the help!

This is called a bridge breastplate.

I like it better than a 5 point because it’s a much cleaner look. I think it works better for the purpose of keeping the saddle in place than a traditional 3 point.

I also think it (and other breastplates that wrap low around the shoulders) has the potential to impact the shape of your horse’s jump, in a bad way.

This one in particular is a little different because of the solid front. I like the look but in reality this may not fit every horse well, or at all. “Normal” bridge breastplates have adjustment points and some elastic in this area which allow more of a custom-type fit, like this:

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I have always liked and used Nunn Finer lots of options, I use the jumper breastplate for eventing.

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For hunting, you cannot go wrong with the Proctor breastplate from Bartville Harness.


that looks really good, do you know what the brand is?

I have never heard of them before, I will look into it. Thank you for the suggestion!!

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Lots of different brands sell the kind that has the adjustability and elastic. Just google “bridge breastplate” and head down the rabbit hole.

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thank you!