Breastplate recommendations?

Hi everyone,
What type of breastplate would you recommend? I’ve honestly never used one before, and I’m experiencing some slight saddle slippage on my new horse. What type of breastplate will keep the saddle in place while still allowing for shoulder movement? Thank you so much for any help.

Not to be a buzz kill but a saddle slipping means your saddle doesn’t fit.

I prefer the jump style that just goes around the neck, but it’s only there for emergency should I need it jumping or on XC.

You’re not a buzz kill! I’m aware it doesn’t fit…but I guess I was hoping for something to help in the meantime while I work on getting another saddle. :blush:

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I like a three point breastplate with elastic or the breast girth with the over strap. Both give me something to grab if something goes wrong and they do the job well. The five points have too much on them for me.

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In that case a bridge breastplate or 5 point might be best!

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