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Breastplate Searching Help

Hello everyone. So I am looking into investing in a breastplate for my horse when jumping and when we get out XC schooling, hunter paces etc. What breastplates are people loving? I only want something that attaches to the girth billets, d-ring only breastplates I don’t love for my horse they just don’t seem to actually work. Has anyone tried the Dyon anatomic one or the Arion one that is a similar shape? I am really liking the look of those but I can’t find many reviews about them. I wish they had elastic but apparently the shape is great for shoulder movement (according to Dyon), I will put up a picture but really would love some help and opinion on any breastplate beyond just this style.

I have this one and like it, although for most horses I just use the 3 point hunting ones. https://www.smartpakequine.com/pt/nantucket-3-point-breastplate-25082

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Three threads on the same topic is a little excessive.


thank you! I will look into it!

well first I put it in the hunter group and was suggested to put it in the eventing group because hunters don’t use breastplates much so I did and decided to ask the hunting forum as well because why not, its really not a big deal that I put it in three different spots to get more widespread opinions