Breeches for someone with no figure

no thighs, no butt, no waist (no boobs either to really round out the mental picture) A tree trunk middle with toothpick legs. Compare me to a Kardashian and my body is horribly out of fashion :rofl:

I wear a size 28 breeches and it fits fine around my waistband but then below gets saggy and baggy. My cheap piper breeches are just the worst and I am ready to spring for something better.

Any suggestions? Something super stretchy I guess?

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Hate the pipers (they are so saggy in the knees for me), but I’ve found the hadley line to fit much better.

I think the Pikeur lagunas might work for you…


FITS pull-ons. Super stretchy and comfortable. They have all-season, winter, and summer weights. I love them.

Hmmmm… reading your description of your body type. . . sounds like you don’t have much in the
way of hips. . . would men’s breeches work better for you? Just a thought. . . .


Buy whatever pair you like and get them tailored. Otherwise I’m not very curvy at all and wear FITs, they fit fairly well.

I’m boy shaped and find that Tuffrider ribbed breeches fit me well. Just don’t get the low rise ones. They now have sock bottoms instead of Velcro. Not expensive, hard wearing and nice colors too.


Maybe not if you are tall as well, but girls breeches in a 16/18 would probably fit you and not be so curvy.


Thanks for all the suggestions! Now I’ll wait for the black Friday sales and see what comes up. Never thought about tailoring but that is very interesting idea!

Also suspenders may help with fit. I like the Dover silicon tights but they don’t stay up without suspenders for me.

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Haha, I have struggled with this too. I find Pikeur to work best for my figure. Ordered these Pikeur breeches with the Black Friday sales; They are quite stretchy, so fit very nicely around my legs!