Breeches too small?

Hi! I have a pair of brand new symphony breeches that I got from a tack sale. They fit almost perfectly, however they are a bit tight around my knee and lower leg. Tight enough that they leave fabric imprints on my calves but not so tight that I can’t bend my knee. This seems to cause them to slide down around my waist a bit. Are they too small or do they just need to be “broken in” until the fabric stretches. Could the sliding down be a simple fix with a belt?

I think they don’t fit…

They don’t sound like they fit too well, but if you like them use a belt and they should be fine. They are probably never going to fit the way you want them to, though.

My pants usually leave a nice long lasting imprint on my lower leg, combination of tightness plus the knee socks on top of them, and the tight boots. Wear a belt, see if it works.
They may tear or split along the knee patches though if they’re really too tight and not giving
Definitely only wash on cold and hang to dry

This seems crazy. You want us to tell you if your pants don’t fit. Seriously?

IME, a little bit of both.

My Pipers are too tight in the leg. But the fabric and price are right, so I deal with them anyways. (I tried the next size up, but they were huge in the waist, so it’s the shape, not the size for me.) I always wear them with a belt and just accept that a need to pull them up a couple times a day, especially right before I get on to ride.

Wearing tall boots/half chaps helps keep them up too. And over time (a few months), the fabric has relaxed a bit and they don’t slide down as much. They still put nice dents in my legs, but that’s not helped by the socks and boots.

So yes, they probably don’t fit you correctly. But if you like them, it might be something you’re willing to put up with. In a perfect world, I would shop for some that fit my shape better. But for my budget, they’re good enough.

222orchids, I don’t think it’s a crazy question at all. Breeches fit differently than other pants do, and the fabric acts very differently as well.

This seems crazy. You want us to tell you if your pants don’t fit. Seriously?[/QUOTE]

lol I was actually asking for opinions as I am newer to English riding and how breeches are supposed to fit. I’m used to riding in my jeans. If you don’t like the question don’t comment. It’s that simple. Thanks!

Thank you all for the help, I will put up with them until I can afford new ones.

I think that breeches fit everyone differently due to how the breeches are cut and the fact that our bodies are not remotely identical.

For me, I’m 5’11" and all leg. I wear a 30L typically in most brands, but the fit is all over the board. I have some thigh and booty on me, but I have a ridiculously skinny calf (like 13.75"). So, I likely won’t experience a fit like you do, but I find them too tight in the thigh or gapping in the back.

I really loved these Ovations that I tried on once, but they weren’t long enough (even in a Long) and the mesh panel on the calf was visible above my boots.

Long story short, they should be fairly comfortable and not fit awkwardly but it takes trying on multiple brands and cuts/styles to find the ones that work best for your body type.

For the ones you have, perhaps try spraying the knee/calf area with a mix of water and fabric softener and then wearing them around to get that area to stretch and soften up a bit.

This seems crazy. You want us to tell you if your pants don’t fit. Seriously?[/QUOTE]

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I have this issue with many of my lower cost brand breeches. I think they are just made for someone shorter than I. It seems I can only get them long enough in the leg with the right proportions if I pay more.

But a belt should be an always thing if you have belt loops.