Breeding a dropped hip mare?

So, the mare that I have in question is not a sport horse. I’m assuming it’s okay to ask a general breeding question here? I have a mare with a dropped hip, the point of the hip is missing on her left side. She is 100% sound and has been approved for riding. However from time to time she will trip behind so I have decided not to ride her.

She has never been dangerous in her trips and if I rode daily she would have about 1 per month. She is never more sore after a trip than before a trip. I do pemf/chiro/a magnetic blanket on her and the muscles are staying loose there.

Has anybody had any experience breeding a mare with a dropped hip? This is an incredible mare with a great bloodline who was the easiest horse I’ve started under saddle. My question is: do you think it would be safe to breed her? I know there are always risks, but I didn’t know if anybody had any first hand experience? I’ve talked to several vets and they seem to think it would be fine but none of them have first-hand experience breeding a mare with a dropped hip.

My chiro found nothing odd about her pelvis. He said he has returned several horses worse than her to racing. If I have to I’d be willing to embryo transfer, but my foals typically take after their mothers and i’m not sure how important nature vs nurture is as I’ve never embryo transferred before.

So probably a broken pelvis at some point? Breeding a mare like this has been done successfully, no problems. No need for AI or embryo transfer, the one I know of was live cover. Good luck, can’t have success without good luck, ever.

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I had a friend with a mare like this, she sold her and she was bred after and had a really nice foal!

I managed a TB mare who had broken her pelvis as a yearling. She was by Storm Cat out of Tout Charmant ($1M earner); her injury was pretty bad, she walked like Quasimodo and cantered mostly on 3 legs, but she was not in pain. She was a great broodmare, very protective of her foals, and produced multiple stakes horses. Live cover was a bit of a challenge, but the stud farms were extra careful.

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