Breeding advice for Judgement x Germus R mare

Looking for advice on breeding a Judgement x Germus R mare. She’s 17.2 hands, only schooled to about 1.15m so far (not due to her limitations, had time off prior to my owning her for attempted breeding) but big, scopey jump and careful. Pretty athletic for her size, but would like to add lightness/quickness and improve technique in front. Looking to produce 1.4m+ jumper to keep. Has been bred frozen before and didn’t stay pregnant. Leaning towards cooled, fresh semen.

Mare is KWPN foalbook, registry for foal not top priority but KWPN approved or Erkend stallion might be nice. I like Toronto (Now or Never x Belisar), thought Thoroughbred blood on dam’s side would help lighten her. Not many offspring in US, but similar bloodlines to Valentino and Vallado. Also like Chin Quidam, but thought Toronto might be better to lighten her. Both are KWPN Erkend stallions so foal would be eligible for KWPN Foalbook registry.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

link to website with some pics:




Also wondering about breeding her this late in the season - would an August baby be at a significant disadvantage compared to a spring baby in terms of development, training, and specifically when it comes to the young jumper classes, etc?

Again, looking for a jumper stallion with good quality fresh semen to add lightness and quickness in the front end. Clearly don’t need to add size :slight_smile: but hoping for something in the 16.3+ range than can do the 1.4m+ jumpers. I know I’ll be limited in terms of selection for fresh semen this late into the season, but haven’t decided on timing (now vs. spring 2019).

Thanks again for any advice/stallion suggestions!