Breeding FAQs, 2017 weaning dates, etc. -- add useful info here!

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I’ll get it started by clearing out a couple of stickies from the top of the forum:

Milk Testing 101

List of Frozen Semen Distributors

Oxytocin protocol

P&E protocol and other methods of manipulating ovulation

P&E protocol and other methods of manipulating ovulation


Discussion of use of Regumate during pregnancy

EVA and vaccinations for it

Discussionof EVA and vaccination protocol for mares and stallions

Foaling Kit

What to have on hand in your foaling kit

Post-foaling routine:


The first is a neat Color Calculator:
This is a site that explains color well:

DMSO lavage

Red bag delivery

if u have any issues in breeding of horse go with this link

Randee, any dates for weaning babies for 2011? I have 2 sept babies that need dates. PLEASE. Or email me the dates:

I have them ready for 2011 but we definitely need a new sticky. :slight_smile:

Where is the 2011 Sticky for weaning dates? Lets clean out all of those old dates please!!

I’ll get them to MOD 1 today. We need a fresh thread. Too hard to find all mixed in here. :yes:

Yes, Mods, I AGREE!!

Breeding FAQs, 2011 weaning dates, etc. – add useful info here!

[Please direct general discussion re: the weaning dates to the separate thread on the topic – VirginiaBred’s 2011 Weaning By The Signs]

Good for gelding also!

March – 26th - 28th
April – 24th – 26th
May – 21st -23rd
June – 16th – 19th
July – 14th – 17th
August – 10th -13th
September – 7th – 9th
October – 2nd – 6th
November – 1st – 3rd & 27th -30th
December – 25th – 27th

Warning - if your foal is on Rifamin/ Clarithromycin

Possible fatal side effect of the drug Rifamin/ Clarithromycin. Keep your foals in and cool while on these meds.


Great thread on what to do (and what NOT to do) should you be faced with a dystocia (mal-positioned foal or other wise difficult birth).

Also a place to share your stories on this subject.'s+Talk+Dystocias