Breeding/foal contract

Does anyone have a sample contract they’d be willing to share with me? It isn’t a breeding lease per se; the mare is staying with her owner, but the buyer is selecting the stallion for a “custom” foal. So I don’t think LFG language applies since the mare owner has actually already purchased or entered into the contract with the stallion owner for that side of things, this is more “purchasers wants X mare bred to Y stallion, certificates or statements from vet to confirm pregnancy at X date and X date, vaccinations, stand and nurse (maybe?) and care during nursing and weaning” sort of thing, which I’m not able to sleuth out online because it’s not a breeding lease or standard purchase contract, but a mishmash.

I have a copy of the in utero/custom foal contract I signed when I purchased my 2018 mare back in 2017. My purchase did include a LFG (seller owned both the mare and stallion), but if you think it would still be helpful, PM me your email address. I’m happy to share!

This is what I did last year. I can PM you.

Thanks. I sent one over that was a mishmash of a regular purchase contract plus an in-utero.